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Use this link to see samples of realistic hair stroke brows designed by MaryAnne.

magine, getting up in the morning and getting ready for work
without having to spend time applying make-up.  Always looking your best, no matter what!  

  Imagine going through the day... Simply Beautiful.   You can! 

Select this link to see what our clients say about Permanent Makeup

Women all over the country are learning of the benefits of having Permanent Cosmetics -eyeliner, eyebrow coloring, lip color or lip liner. What could be better than to wake up looking as good in the morning as you did in the evening? Think of the time you could save.  Call for a Free, No Obligation Consultation. You will love how simple and easy it is.  One or two appointments will give you perfect, permanent makeup. 623 810-7557

Many people are discovering value of Permanent Cosmetics: Busy lifestyles, professional women,athletes, those with poor eyesight or unsteady hands, those with sensitivities to traditional cosmetics and those whose work precludes wearing makeup. Properly applied Permanent Cosmetics are so natural no one will know you are wearing them.

Once you have made the decision to have Permanent cosmetics applied, you have the important task of finding a qualified technician to do the work for you. MaryAnne Baker CPCP is a proud member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, the world's most reputable and respected-association for permanent cosmetics professionals.  Advanced training in Color, Lightning and Areola and Corrective Cosmetics.

Permanent Cosmetics are soft and natural looking. You can design individual hair strokes in the eyebrows, fill in brows lightly, fill them in solidly, do thin, fine lines for eyeliner and lash enhancement, smudgy effect for eyeliner, combination smudgy liner and lash enhancement, thick upper and lower eyeliner, full lip color, lip liner, lip extension, any of these combination's for lips, scar camouflage, beauty mark, or nipple areola reconstruction.


It is a simple, safe and natural-looking alternative your your daily makeup routine. 

Initial procedures take 1 - 2 1/2 hours, focus visits usually do not take as much time. Permanent Cosmetics give you years of a simple and care free beauty. 

There are many names for Permanent Cosmetic Makeup. Permanent Cosmetics, Permanent Makeup, Cosmetic Tattoo, Micro-pigmentation,it is all a process where pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin. Permanently.  Permanent cosmetic makeup is cosmetic tattooing.   They are waterproof color, hassle-free and always fresh!

Call to schedule your free consultation   623 810-7557 or schedule online now using this link.

       There are many benefits for individuals who have:

  • An active lifestyle                 
  • Wear contact lenses                          
  • Have hay fever and watery eyes     
  • Have visual impairment           
  • Have little or no brow hair         
  • Have difficulty in makeup application    
  • Have Alopecia (absence of hair)                            
  • Sparse or light lashes                                      
  • Uneven or pale lips                                
  • Have unsteady or arthritic hands                        
  • Allergies to cosmetics                                                     
  • Have scars
  • Breast Surgery                                                   
  • Cancer Survivor                                               

Or simply have a desire to always look your best!
Our most frequently requested procedures are eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color.  These procedures generally take between 1 - 2 1/2 hours. 

You will be scheduled at least one free follow-up visit to do any touch-up work and to ensure your permanent make up meets your expectations, we call this your focus visit.

You can always look your best, no matter what!
Call for your free, no obligation consultation.   623 810-7557

What our clients say 

Stephanie Fama    5 STAR     Professional and Knowledgeable

Mary-anne is the best! She truly cares about her clients and it shows in her work. I will be back again! Stephanie Fama


Vicki Z   5 STAR     Touch up

It had been almost a year and time for a touch up on my eyeliner and eyebrows. Just as before the results were great! Mary Ann just does a terrific job.


Jan Wenstrand  5 STAR   Eyebrows

Had my first session with MaryAnne yesterday for eyebrow tattooing - she is a pro, precise, meticulous, and it was so nice to be in her company. I highly recommend her. Jan Wenstrand


B.H.  5 STAR Eyeliner and Eyebrow Tattoo

I have been a customer of MaryAnns for three years now. She takes great care in making sure I am comfortable and pain free during the process. She is also a true artist as far as the results go. I wouldn't send my friends to anyone else.


Carol Colvin  5 STAR   Make up touch up

Mary Ann was very professional and personable. She made sure I was comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. I am very pleased with my results. I would highly recommend to everyone!!


Karen Gross   5 STAR   Amazing

Simply amazing only if quality, comfort, expertise, energy and class matter :-) Maryanne knows her craft and is better each year I get my touch up


Barbi 5 STAR    Happy Customer

MaryAnne did permanent eyeliner for me and recently did an extensive free touch-up. Her high level of expertise was obvious and she follows sanitary procedures meticulously. She helped me select the perfect colors, and was very patient calm, providing a soothing atmosphere for this nervous client. I love the results and highly recommend her.


Ritz   5 STAR  My First Time

I finally decided to get permanent eye makeup. I had no clue what it would be like. Although my eye area was quite sensitive, MaryAnn showed lots of patience and know-how that comes with lots of experience. She was also very reassuring and gentle.


Sandra H   5 STAR   Fantastic eyebrow tattoo

MaryAnn did an incredible job of re-doing and correcting my eyebrows. I was especially impressed with the full explanation she provided of the procedure she was going to perform and the detailed description of after care. Five star plus!

Melinda Hauss  5 STAR  A True Artist!

I first found MaryAnne last summer when she started my 3D Nipple Tattooing. Since then she has pierced my nose.....painless! Her son tattooed a small pink ribbon behind my ear which looks great and she just completed phase one of my permanent eyeliner, upper and lower, plus the finishing touches on my new Nipples!! She is truly amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional Tattoo ARTIST!


Pat Miron  5 STAR  Wonderful Experience

I had a wonderful experience with MaryAnne. She is a very caring, gentle, person in her work. The salon is very sterile and MaryAnne is a perfectionist , and very professional in her work. Wow! What a great artist! I love my permanent makeup and so glad I found you.


P.M. 5 STAR  MaryAnne is awesome!

MaryAnne is very professional and dedicated to her work and is also very sterile which being a professional myself is what I look for in a business like Simply. I' am so glad I found her. She is such a perfectionist and a very special person and a delight to be with.


Deanna Gogol  5 STAR   MaryAnne is fantastic

I've had my eyeliner and my eyebrows done by MaryAnne and they look amazing. She also pierced my nose. She is artistic, professional and thoughtful. Additionally, she carries great items in her boutique. It is fun just to stop in there to shop and chat!


S.S.  5 STAR  A Touch of Color

Great to know a yearly touch up makes all the difference for me as a busy business woman. It is simple to do and well worth the time saved all year for eyebrows looking great! Thanks!


Cece Payne 5 STAR  MaryAnne is awesome!

I was recommended to her to hopefully be able to fix the mess up of eyebrows done by a shop in Goodyear, AZ..thank God she could and has started the progress toward repairing the mess made and they are so much better and I am so much happier!


Debra Abramson  5 STAR    So Happy

Mary Ann is Wonderful. I had hardly any eyebrows due to very bad waxing. I was referred to her and I am so glad. I just had my "yearly checkup" and could not be more happy with the results. If you need a professional, Mary Ann is your choice.


M.M.  5 STAR    My New Best Friend

Because I have tremors in my hands I find it impossible to apply makeup SO MaryAnn added permanent eyebrows for me. She took a lot of time to design the shape and continued ask me if I was satisfied BEFORE the final step. She has the personality to put you at ease and inform you step. I told her she is my new best friend. I look forward to the final application.. Thank You MaryAnn for you patience and "customer care" attitude.


T.L.   5 STAR  Maryanne is the best

As a beauty business manager. I am impressed by her professionalism, work ethic, and dedication to her business. Ever striving to be the best of the best!


Caryl Rabedeaux   5 STAR   Definitely 5 star

Mary Ann is very dedicated to her work in seeking excellence in all that she does, She is very professional and takes extra care in providing a sterile environment

This may be your best kept secret to a Simply Beautiful Face.

 The Procedure

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup is a process where pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin, permanently. They are waterproof color, hassle-free and always fresh!  Modern applications of the age-old art of tattooing provides a safe and natural-looking alternative to your daily makeup routine.

Permanent Cosmetic Procedures are performed using various methods, including the non-machine hand method or rotary machine.  The process includes an initial consultation, the application of pigment and at least one follow up or focus visit. 

It is important to discuss your expectations and lifestyle with us prior to having your procedure.  We offer a free no obligation consultation.  Call 623 810-8558623 810-8558 or email us for an appointment.

 Your Consultation                        

Your needs and expectations are paramount to us and they will be discussed during your consultation.  We will review your medical history and before and aftercare instructions.

Your comfort and safety are our top priority.  We take steps to insure the procedures are as comfortable and safe as possible.  Everyone's tolerance level is different, however most clients agree the procedures are far more comfortable than anticipated.


This procedure can add fullness and definition to thin or sparse eyebrows.  From a few strokes to fill small areas or to total brow recreation, Permanent eyebrows can give you the freedom of never using eyebrow pencil again.   Permanent eyebrows frame your eyes and lend expression to your face.  Eyebrows can greatly enhance and create a defining face.  You can design individual hair strokes in the eyebrows, fill in brows lightly or fill them in solidly.


Permanent eyeliner can be anything from a soft haze to a darker, more defined effect.  Permanent eyeliner can be applied in many styles and colors.  Whatever look you choose, you will wake-up, shower, exercise, work and swim always looking your best.  This is the perfect answer for those with allergies, contacts, movement eye problem, or simply to save time. 


Permanent lipliner can give more fullness and definition to the mouth, as well as minimize an uneven lip line or reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  Or forget the lipstick altogether and add full lip color.  Full lip pigment can create a natural tone or a more visible and vivid color. Wear it alone of apply different shades of lipstick over your permanent lip color, for real color that last all day, every day.

In addition to the most commonly requested facial cosmetics, permanent cosmetics can be used for other cosmetic and medical applications such as skin re-pigmentation and nipple/areola re-creation, beauty marks, camouflage to scars from surgical procedures such as face lifts.

  Our Studio

Strict sterilization and sanitation guidelines are always followed.  We adhere to OSHA and CDC guidelines.  Single use sterile needles are used with each application.

  What to expect

Often the procedures may result in visible redness, some swelling and occasional bruising is normal. This can be reduced by applying ice after the procedure is completed. 

Most of the swelling and tenderness will be gone within a few days.  There will be peeling of the skin, and sloughing of the pigmentation that is in the skin.  As the skin heals, the color will continue to change for the next few weeks.

Once healing is complete (generally 4 - 8 weeks, depending on your skin), you may add to or adjust your procedure to suit you lifestyle. 

As with any tattoo, fading can and often does occur, requiring periodic maintenance, color re-enhancement or color refreshing. The effects of aging, surgeries and sun exposure may alter the appearance over time. Refresher appointments may be appropriate every few years to keep your makeup looking its best.  The regular use of sunscreen will keep your permanent makeup looking fresh longer.

 What does it cost?

Cost vary per procedure and range from $200 - $600.  Current pricing is found on the scheduling page.
Follow this link to to SPCP to read more about
the costs of Permanent Cosmetics.

Simply... 17570 N 75th Ave Suite 540-7, Glendale, AZ 85308
Call for a Free, No Obligation Consultation. You will love how simple and easy it is. 623 810-7557